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SGO arbitration proceedings are conducted with a healthy sense of pragmatism: Unnecessary procedural compli- cations and formalistic redundancies are to be avoided, particularly if the amount in dispute is small. In principle, the amount in dispute dictates how much time and effort is devoted to the arbitration proceedings.

The following procedural alternatives are available:

=> Equitable award: If the amount in dispute is below CHF 40'000.--, the arbitral tribunal decides equitably, i.e. based on considerations of fairness and justice, whereas disputes where the amount in dispute exceeds CHF 40'000.-- are decided according to applicable law. Of course, the parties are free to opt for this more cost-effective alternative even if the amount in dispute is higher.


=> Expedited procedure: Proceedings concerning an amount in dispute of CHF 100'000. -- or less are dealt with according to an expedited procedure (shorter proceedings!).

=> Sole arbitrator or three-person arbitral tribunal: If the parties prefer a more cost-effective solution, they may always request that it should be a sole arbitrator, rather than a three-person arbitral tribunal, who should decide their case.

The availability of different options particularly benefits disputes where the amount in dispute is small and where thus a legally binding decision can be reached more quickly. The central requirements of small and medium-sized companies (i.e. speedy re-establishment of a peaceful business relationship, time- and cost-effectiveness, minimal effort, no mud-slinging in the media, etc.) can thus be met.

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