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For your convenience, please find below the most important documents with regard to our organisation
(downloadable PDF files).
SGO Rules of Arbitration
(PDF, 205 kb) Course of Proceedings (PDF, 58 kb)
  (PDF,   89 kb)   Notice of Arbitration   (PDF, 65 kb)
SGO Profile: "Der bessere Weg zur Konfliktlösung" (in German)
  (PDF, 172 kb)   Notice of Arbitration   (Word, 60 kb)
Organisational Chart   (PDF, 54 kb)        
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Two of our publications are available as booklets. Please use this form to place your order directly with us.
SGO Profile: «Der bessere Weg zur Konfliktlösung» (in German) à CHF 18.--  
SGO Rules of Arbitration à CHF 18.--  
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