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In an ideal case, arbitral tribunals cost significantly less than state court proceedings. A speedy, straight-forward procedure, together with a limited range of recourse options, helps save time and money.

The cost of referring a case to the SGO is regulated by the fee structure which forms an integral part of the SGO Rules. The fees applied in the case of an SGO arbitration are in line with those of other institutional arbitral tribunals. There are also various factors which can lower the cost of a particular case. These include waiving your right to receive the considerations which have led to the award, authorising the arbitral tribunal to make an ex aequo et bono decision, or opting for a single arbitrator).

We distinguish three fee categories:

A non-reimbursable fee paid to the SGO to initiate proceedings (= phase before the appointment of the arbitration tribunal).
Administration Fee A non-reimbursable fee to cover the arbitration services performed by the SGO (e.g. making available the infrastructure necessary for the proceedings to take place).
Arbitration Fee The award made by the arbitral tribunal includes the arbitration fee. This is set in accordance with the SGO fees and is used to pay the arbitrators. The compensation paid to the members of an arbitral tribunal has to be commensurate with the arbitration value, the complexity of the case at hand, the amount of time spent by the arbitrators in deliberating the case and all other relevant circumstances.
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