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In 1972, Zurich lawyer, philosopher and psychologist Prof.Dr.Dr. Hans Giger founded an organisation which he called SGO Swiss Permanent Organisation of Arbitration ("SGO") to act as a forum for national and international arbitration proceedings. Its strength lies in combining the traditional benefits of arbitration with a method for appointing the arbitrators that corresponds to that of the public judiciary system. It is this combination that guarantees the highest level of objectivity and inde- pendence to every SGO arbitration tribunal.

Success was not long in coming: In the course of a few years, the SGO became a model of sorts for safeguarding peaceful relationships, providing an attractive alternative to the traditional methods of dispute resolution (such as more time-consuming ordinary court proceedings).

In 2004/05, after having operated for 30 years, the SGO was given a comprehensive overhaul which will ensure that the high quality standard of the SGO will be main- tained in the future.

The Advisory Board, established to support the goals of the SGO and serve as its legal conscience, was joined by several well-known public figures in the world of academia, business and public life.

The SGO also sought to add new, qualified arbitrators to the permanent pool of arbitrators, another of its primary concerns, inviting law professors, practising lawyers and judges to join them. In particular, however, it also recruited experts from a wide range of different fields: building physicists, architects and business economists, among others.

Thanks to these measures, the SGO is today in a position to supply, on demand, arbitral tribunals consisting of highly qualified experts able to settle disputes quickly, in a legally irreproachable manner and, most important- ly, permanently.

Finally, based on its development and experience, small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and abroad have come to value the SGO as an ideal partner to help resolve disputable legal issues.

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