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"SGO Ständige Schweizerische Schiedsgerichtsorganisation" (SGO Swiss Permanent Organisation of Arbitration) is the name of an association with seat in Zurich / Switzerland set up within the meaning of Art. 60 ff. Swiss Civil Code. Its purpose is the establishment, appointment and administrative management of an arbitration organisation (institutional arbitral tribunal), ready to be employed on demand, aimed at creating a structure to parallel that of the ordinary jurisdiction of a country. A core priority is to achieve the highest level of objectivity with regard to the appointment of the arbitrators responsible for the cases. In addition, the association promotes institutional arbitration in Switzerland, paying special attention to the special requirements of small and medium-sized companies.

Finally, the association acts as the service platform for arbitration proceedings which are conducted in accordance with the SGO Rules. To this aim, the SGO operates a secretariat to handle the administration of pending arbitration proceedings and to supply the infrastructure necessary to conduct negotiations.

Prof. Dr.Dr. Hans Giger, attorney-at-law, E.C.M
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