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The SGO permanent pool of arbitrators includes highly qualified law professors, solicitors and judges, as well as experts from a wide range of different fields, including economists, building engineers etc. These so-called expert judges join an arbitral tribunal in cases dealing with specific issues related to their field of expertise. Due to their knowledge and experience, they are an invaluable addition to the arbitral tribunals on which they serve.

As head of the preliminary proceedings, the president of the SGO, or his deputy, puts together an arbitral tribunal from the pool of arbitrators for each individual case. Whereas the appointments follow a rotation system, the background of the individual arbitrators is taken into consideration at the same time. The judicious impartiality of this body is sacrosanct and constitutes a constitutional right on the part of the parties.

The permanent pool of arbitrators currently consists of approx. 80 lawyers and approx. 20 experts from the fields of corporate management, medicine, physics, engineering sciences and architecture.

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